How to alter the retention period for external messages


How do I alter the retention period for external messages/events?



To reduce the amount of messages data retained, it is necessary to:

1. Decrease the retention period in the script responsible for pruning the messages database table. Where TRAVERSE_HOME is the installation directory for Traverse, specify the retention period in days, within TRAVERSE_HOME\utils\ :

my $ABSOLUTE_MIN_DAYS         = 60; 

2. Increase the frequency with which this script is run.  This is necessary because the script also has maximum number of rows that it will delete in a single invokation. To change the frequency from daily to hourly, change the name of the file 'TRAVERSE_HOME\utils\tasks\01d_60_expire_messages.cmd' to '01h_60_expire_messages.cmd'.  Note on Linux installations this file is ''.


Allow a week or so for the amount of message data retained to be reduced to the retention period, then revert the change made in step (2) above.  Review 'TRAVERSE_HOME\logs\cronjobs.log' for output from each pass of the retention script.

While the number of active rows of data in the messages table will be reduced, it may be necessary to perform a database repair in order to reclaim the disk space used by the file containing the messages table (TRAVERSE_HOME\database\mysql\aggregateddatadb\messages.MYD).  This may be achieved by stopping all the Traverse components on the BVE, then from a Windows command prompt as an administrator:


Or from a Linux shell prompt with root access:




All versions of Traverse 




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