Cisco IOS-XE router high memory utilization


I am observing incorrect memory utilization within Traverse for my Cisco IOS-XE router.



It is observed that Cisco IOS-XE routers may be reporting incorrect memory utilization on OID '.' (cpmCPUMemoryUsed) due to Cisco bug #CSCuc40262.



 It is recommended that if high memory utilization is observed when it should not, to update the OID to use '.' (cpmCPUMemoryCommitted) instead.

To update the OID to use cpmCPUMemoryCommitted, please review the following steps:

    1. Copy and paste the OID property from the test configuration page into a text editor, it should look something like:
      ., where the last digit ('7' in this case) is the index of the entity.

    2. Validate the device reports/exposes a value for cpmCPUMemoryCommitted and that it corresponds to the same entity (index):
      - Open a command prompt on the DGE(or -X) directly monitoring the device
      - Run (assumes SNMPv2):
      snmpwalk -Oefqnt -v 2c -c XYZ n.n.n.n .
      where XYZ is the community string and n.n.n.n is the IP/host address

    3. You should get an output like:
      . 1741532, where the first column is the exact OID path and the second column being the value of cpmCPUMemoryCommitted for index '7'.

Note: We are reviewing the information further to determine if a separate signature or test should be included specifically for this case.


All versions of Traverse 



This issue is discussed in the following thread:


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