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Deploying a new message rule file


How do I deploy a new message rule file?



 Once the file is ready, you may test the file as following (applies both to SaaS customers and on premise customers) :

* place the file on the DGE/DGEX receiving the trap under <TRAVERSE_HOME>\plugin\messages
* Navigate to Superuser --> Health --> left click on the gear icon (for the DGE/DGEX receiving the messages) and select 'Reload Config Files'
* Simulate a trap from the target system
* Ensure the trap is seen on the Event Manager console as you expect it to
* For troubleshooting, review <TRAVERSE_HOME>\logs\messages.log on the DGE/DGEX for clues
* Once testing is complete, remove the file from under <TRAVERSE_HOME>\plugin\messages



When deploying a new message rule file, please follow the below steps:

* Copy the rule file to <TRAVERSE_HOME>\plugin\messages (on the BVE) (SaaS customers - kindly open a support ticket and attach the rule file there. Support will notify you once the files are made available on the SaaS server)

* Log into the traverse web application as the superuser account

* Navigate to 'Superuser --> Health' page and confirm in the 'remarks' column that the configuration has just been updated on the appropriate (DGE or DGEx) server.  If necessary wait a minute or so, then refresh the page.

* Navigate to Superuser --> Health --> left click on the gear icon (for the BVE and all DGEs/DGEXs receiving the messages) and select 'Reload Config Files'

 You should now be able to receive traps on the DGE (or DGE-X) with the supported handling from the rule file. 

All versions of Traverse

To read about message rules in general - Message Handler (ensure you are reviewing the most current version as well)

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