What are the Traverse scheduled (cron) tasks?


What are the 'scheduled Traverse Maintenance' tasks?



The scheduled tasks 'Traverse Maintenance - Daily' and 'Traverse Maintenance - Weekly' are the daily and weekly maintenance Traverse runs. These tasks run through the scripts located under <TRAVERSE_HOME>\utils\tasks based on the prefixed file name (e.g. 01d_50_db_backup.cmd). Please note that by default, Traverse does not contain any weekly scripts. These scripts include:

  • Backing up the provisional (BVE server only) and MySQL (BVE and upstream DGE servers only) databases.
    • These backups are contained under <TRAVERSE_HOME>\database\backup
  • Optimizing the provisional and MySQL databases.
  • Purging old messages/events from the MySQL databases.
  • Purging cached and temporary data.


What to expect: During the backup phase of the scheduled task, MySQL databases are locked for the duration of the backup. That is to say, results cannot be stored during this time. Depending on the sizes of your MySQL databases and the I/O of the server's storage, this may take some time. A long backup may lead to a loss of data as the cached results may overload the monitoring queue resulting in flushing of data. This can be observed by reviewing the 'Writer Queue Size (AggregatedDataDbWriter0)' JMX test on the upstream DGE server within Traverse. A graph typical of data being flushed will be reminiscent of a saw tooth effect, where the queue will reach its maximum and drop down to '0' when it is flushed. 

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