Monitor Process Count/Availability (Sample Plug-In Monitor)


How do I monitor Process Count or Process Availability in Traverse?


 This is a fully functional plug-in monitor that can be used to monitor the availability of a process (whether it is running) on a remote server. It can also monitor the number of instances of a particular process.

The monitor illustrates the two different types of information that can be collected by Traverse - state (up/down, running/not-running, etc) information represented by a set of discrete values and quantitative where the polled value is compared against a set of configured thresholds.

In order to run this script, extract the contents of the attached archive directly under <TRAVERSE_HOME>plugin/monitors/ and restart the Web Application and Data Gathering Engine components.


The plug-in will appear as a new "hostres" monitor under Administration -> Devices -> Tests -> Create New Standard Tests.



On the next screen, select one or both types of tests to run.


Finally, provide the name of the process that is normally visible in the output of "ps" command (GNU/Linux/Solaris) or Task Manager (Windows).




- The monitor uses SNMP to collect the necessary information and therefore requires that at least one SNMP (local credentials) test is configured.

- If you are deploying this on GNU/Linux review the permission of "" file and change it to executable (chmod +x

All versions of Traverse

See Plugin Monitors (and ensure you review the most current version as well)



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