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Navigating Traverse WSDL pages


How to navigate the Traverse WSDL pages?


In general, to find the descriptions of the various parameters for a service method:

  • Navigate to https://traverse_server/api
  • Find the correct section heading for the object of interest (e.g. device)
  • Select the 'WSDL' link (e.g. https://traverse_server/api/soap/device?wsdl
  • Find the 'location=' line near the top, then navigate to the specified URL (e.g. https://traverse_server/api/soap/device?wsdl=DeviceService.wsdl)

For example; on the 'device service' WSDL page the 'searchCriteria' element is defined as containing 'searchOption' and 'searchTerm' elements. 'From this WSDL page 'searchOption' is defined as:

<xs:simpleType name="searchOption">
<xs:restriction base="xs:string">
<xs:enumeration value="DEPARTMENT_SERIAL_NUMBER"/>
<xs:enumeration value="DEVICE_SERIAL_NUMBER"/>
<xs:enumeration value="DEVICE_NAME"/>
<xs:enumeration value="DEVICE_ADDRESS"/>
<xs:enumeration value="DEVICE_TYPE"/>
<xs:enumeration value="DEVICE_MODEL"/>
<xs:enumeration value="DEVICE_STATUS"/>
<xs:enumeration value="VENDOR_NAME"/>
<xs:enumeration value="TAG_1"/>
<xs:enumeration value="TAG_2"/>
<xs:enumeration value="TAG_3"/>
<xs:enumeration value="TAG_4"/>
<xs:enumeration value="TAG_5"/>
<xs:enumeration value="TEST_SERIAL_NUMBER"/>
<xs:enumeration value="TEST_NAME"/>
<xs:enumeration value="TEST_STATUS"/>
<xs:enumeration value="TEST_TYPE"/>
<xs:enumeration value="TEST_SUB_TYPE"/>
<xs:enumeration value="ELEMENT_NAME"/>
<xs:enumeration value="ELEMENT_CATEGORY"/>
<xs:enumeration value="CONTAINER_NAME"/>
<xs:enumeration value="CONTAINER_SERIAL_NUMBER"/>
<xs:enumeration value="PARENT_CONTAINER_SERIAL_NUMBER"/>
<xs:enumeration value="CONTAINER_STATUS"/>
<xs:enumeration value="VM_STATUS"/>
<xs:enumeration value="MAP_NAME"/>
<xs:enumeration value="FREEFORM"/>

One way to list all devices in a certain department could be to search by department serial number:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:dev="">

To find all devices that begin with the letters 'VCA' in their names, the 'Freeform' search option may be used;

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:dev="">

Note that the value of 'searchTerms' is a regular expression to match the beginning of the device name. A search term of 'device:vca' will match all devices with 'vca' in their names.

For other examples of 'Freeform' search terms, navigate to the Event Manager view (Status->Events) in the Traverse user interface, then click on the 'help' icon next to the Search field (i.e. a blue circle with a question mark).



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