DGE(-X) Does Not Show on Health Page

Components do not display on the Health Page

Upon creating a new DGE server, the following items are generally looked into:

-(Firewall) Opening the correct ports to and from the BVE (noted below)

-Matching the DGE name within the UI and the etc/dge.xml

If the time on the new server is incorrect, this causes issues with the Health Page's heartbeat timestamps. 

It is recommended that all Traverse servers are configured to synchronize against an accurate NTP source. If a heartbeat from the DGE server is outside of an expected time (e.g. 5 hours in the future), the heartbeat message is thrown away, considering the entry invalid on the SUPERUSER > HEALTH page.

7651, 7652, 7653, 7654: DGE-X > Cloud (BVE)
9443: DGE-X > Cloud (Upstream DGE)
All Traverse versions

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