Traverse severity mappings

What are the numeric/hex codes for Traverse severities?

Traverse has a number of entities, such as as test, device, container, etc. depicted with severities with a specific numeric code and color.

The numeric codes as stored in the database are as follows:

*  Means an account or device is not configured. Mainly used for status
UNCONFIGURED = 0x00000008;

*  Suspended severity. 128 in decimal
SUSPENDED = 0x00000080;

* OK is  2048 in decimal
OK = 0x00000800;

*  Transient severity. 16384 in decimal.
TRANSIENT = 0x00004000;

*  Unknown severity. 32768 in decimal.
UNKNOWN = 0x00008000; (in the Traverse web user interface, this will appears as -1)

*  Unreachable severity. 524288 in decimal.
UNREACHABLE = 0x00080000;

*   WARNING is 8388608 in decimal.
WARNING = 0x00800000;

* CRITICAL is 134217728 in decimal.
CRITICAL = 0x08000000;

*  FAIL is the state that occurs when the test failed and no test values was returned. 1073741824 in decimal.
FAIL = 0x40000000; (will appear as red in the Traverse web user interface)


The Traverse web user interface raw data tabular view as also the result.list command will map the database values for UNKNOWN, etc. to -1, -2, etc.


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