How to create a Composite Test in Traverse


How do I create Composite Test in Traverse ?


Example: Creating a composite test to check the value from one test and if it is greater than certain value  then check the value of Test 2(check if the test value is greater than certain value) . Plus if the expression value is true for certain time  then trigger the event/action.

Steps To create composite Test:

1.  As Department user administrator go to Administration>  Devices >  Test for desired device

- create New Advance test



2. Select Composite tests


- Add the child tests that will be used in comparision.




-Under Expression you can calculate the value of those two child test or in our example add logic  (T1<1 && T2 <1).

This will return 0 if is false (one of them is ok) or 1 if they are both critical.

-At the end edit the composite test and change measure to "discrete" as the screenshot



You can now add an action profile to generate alert (e.g. email notification). In our example we would like to get this notification after 3 cycles (1 m * 3 = 3m after the test went critical)





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