How Can I Request Support For New NCM Adapter


How to request support for a new Network Configuration Manager (NCM) Adapter?



In order to create a new adapter, we will need the following information from you:

-Log the following the prompts, operations, and responses from the device to a file using PuTTY (or any other client capable of logging all session output) and enabling both the session logging and "All session output" (under Session > Logging):

  • Logging into the device using telnet or SSH (failure vs success)

  • Obtain elevated privilege level (if required) (e.g. "enable" command on Cisco IOS)

  • If the terminal paging (--MORE--/Press Any Key to Continue prompt) configuration is saved or retained across different sessions, check the current setting (e.g. "show terminal")
  • Disable terminal paging (e.g. "no-more","no paging", or "terminal length 0").

  • If the terminal paging configuration is saved or retained across different sessions, set configuration to a value (e.g. "terminal length 40")
  • Display system information, uptime, version, hardware, and OS information (e.g. "show system", "uptime", "show version", and "show hardware")

  • Display the running configuration (e.g. "show running-config")

  • Display the saved configuration (e.g. "show startup-config")

  • Log out of the device (e.g. "quit" or "exit")

-Please run the following and provide the generated file that contains the snmpwalk output (for adapter auto-detection). The command assumes SNMPv2:

    cd <TRAVERSE_HOME>\bin

    snmpwalk -Oefqnt -v 2c -c XYZ n.n.n.n > snmpwalk.txt

Where XYZ is the community string and n.n.n.n is the IP of the device

Please review the contents of the snmpwalk.txt and the logged session output file to ensure it displays the expected information (device prompts, device output/response, and the commands you entered).

Once you have compiled the above information, please open up a support ticket and provide any specific details about the device (name/type) and its OS along with the generated log session output. As we do not have access to the device, please note that your support tech may have additional questions and will work with you to test the provided adapter before finalizing it.



All versions of Traverse.




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