Installing Perl modules for use with Traverse script


How do I install the necessary extra perl modules in Traverse that may be required for my custom Perl script?


As Traverse is shipped with "barebones" Perl libraries, to be able to use custom Perl libraries, it is recommended to isolate the required Perl module for your script and its dependencies on a separate server (via 'yum install' or Strawberry Perl). Once they are downloaded, you may copy them to the <TRAVERSE_HOME>\plugin directory (to keep future upgrades from deleting the libraries from within other Traverse directories) on the BVE server.

Once the Perl module(s) are available within the plugins directory, in your Perl script, you can provide a path to them using:

#begin code

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use Cwd 'abs_path';
use lib (abs_path(dirname($0)). "/../../");
use File::ReadBackwards;

#end code

The above assumes the script is located under TRAVERSE_HOME\plugin\monitors\YOUR-SCRIPT-DIRECTORY and File::Readbackwards is located under TRAVERSE_HOME\plugin (TRAVERSE_HOME\plugin\File\Readbackwards\



All versions of Traverse.




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