Monitoring MySQL on a Traverse DGE server

How do I monitor the MySQL instance on a Traverse DGE server?

Traverse ships with a MySQL signature that maybe used to monitor the MySQL instance on the Traverse DGE server.

To do so, kindly follow these steps:

Configure the Traverse DGE Server in the Traverse application
You first need to ad the Traverse DGE server as a device using the Traverse Web application. Ideally, you must have a second DGE monitoring this instance. If this is the only instance of a DGE, it will be self monitoring.
Note: On a SaaS implementation, a default entry named 'Traverse Server' with IP address is created and self monitored. It is possible this instance has been deleted. Please recreate if so.


Adding MySQL tests
To configure MySQL tests, please add tests and select the option 'Create new tests by selecting specific monitors' and check the box next to mysql


Configuring the MySQL monitor (port, username, password):
The next page will prompt for the MySQL credentials. You may find the MySQL credentials by reviewing the port (the default needs to be changed), user and password information under the
<dge vendor="mysql" tag in the file <TRAVERSE_HOME>\etc\emerald.xml. <TRAVERSE_HOME> is the Traverse installation directory. If unable to locate, please open a ticket with Kaseya Support.


Follow through the rest of the workflow and create all the tests.



All versions of Traverse



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