How to determine process identifier of a Traverse component


How to determine PID (process indentifier) of a Traverse component?


The PID of a particular Traverse component may be determined by reviewing the output from the 'netstat' for a unique TCP port used by the component of interest. See the table at the end for a list of TCP ports and their associated Traverse component.

From a Windows command prompt, for example:

netstat -ano | grep 7692 | grep LISTEN

where '7692' is a port number on which the Traverse component is listening:


reveals the process ID to be '6648'.


Similarly, from a Linux shell prompt the command is:

netstat -anp | grep 7692

yielding output similar to:

tcp        0      0      *                   LISTEN      23051/java

to reveal a PID of '23051'.


The following TCP ports may be substituted in the above commands that uniquely identify a particular Traverse component:

Web application: 7691 
Data Gathering Engine: 7692 
Message Handler: 7693 
Correlation & Summary Engine: 7696
BVE-JMS: 7697
Flow Analysis Engine: 7669




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