Use of the plugin/mibs directory

There may be misconceptions about the use of the <TRAVERSE_HOME>/plugin/mibs directory. To be clear, placing MIB files within this directory will not add monitoring support or provide Traverse any logic to act upon the metrics or traps contained within the MIB files.

Placing the MIB files into this directly only serves to translate any OID string display within Traverse (e.g. Event Manager and Reports) to its MIB text definitions. An example of this is the coldStart trap from the SNMPv2-MIB (prepackaged with Traverse). Placing the SNMPv2-MIB file under the plugin/mibs directory effectively translates the display of the OID string, '', to '(coldStart)'.


In order to expand Traverse's capabilities to be able to discover new SNMP metrics, a new SNMP signature is required. 

To request a new SNMP signature:


In order to expand Traverse's logic to act upon an SNMP trap, an SNMP trap rule file is required.

To request a new SNMP trap rule:

To create your own SNMP trap rule (placed in plugin/messages):

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