Troubleshooting: Not receiving email alerts


Traverse is configured to send email alerts using Action Profiles but email alerts are no longer received.


SPAM Filter Settings


The SPAM filter decided to stop all the Traverse alerts (possibly as a high volume was received) and classified as SPAM.


Modify mail server configuration to address this.


Email configuration settings


The email configuration in <TRAVERSE_HOME>\etc\emerald.xml may need to be reviewed and modified if necessary

* Please consult with your email administrator for the configuration details
* Make a back up of the file <TRAVERSE_HOME>\etc\emerald.xml
* Review and if necessary edit the below section in <TRAVERSE_HOME>\etc\emerald.xml

<sender address="" name="Traverse Alerter"/>
<host name="" port="25" priority="1"
username="dddddd\uuuuuu" password="xyz"

* Ensure and update the fields
 + address
 + name
 + port
 + username
 + password

* Save the file
* Restart the Data Gathering Engine Component
* Log back in and test whether you received the mail by using the 'Test Now' button on the action profile


Support Assistance:

If the issue persists, kindly
* upload a screenshot of the action profile used for testing
* a zip of the <TRAVERSE_HOME>\logs\action.log
* a zip of <TRAVERSE_HOME>\etc\emerald.xml



All versions of Traverse.




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