Tip: Enable test parameter rediscovery via the BVE API


How to enable test parameter rediscovery?



A convenient way to access the BVE API is to utilize the BVE CLI utility with an input file containing one or more commands. For example, from the TRAVERSE_HOME directory on the BVE:

utils\bveCLI.pl --host --username superuser --password traverse --input commands.txt

where 'commands.txt' contains the BVE API commands. 

Note: The commands will be run against all devices visible to the user specified (--username) unless the BVE API command parameter 'userName' is used to represent a department user (see example below).

Here are example BVE API commands to configure test parameter rediscovery:

  • Enable rediscovery to update and log tests every 5 days (in minutes) for device named 'Windows Server'
device.update "devicename=Windows Server", "rediscoveryEnabled=true", "rediscoveryNewTestsAction=ignore", "rediscoveryUpdatedTestsAction=updateAndLog", "rediscoveryDeletedTestsAction=ignore", "rediscoveryFrequency=7200"
  • Enable rediscovery for all devices to which your login has access (wildcard value for device name)
device.update "devicename=*", "rediscoveryEnabled=true", "rediscoveryNewTestsAction=ignore", "rediscoveryUpdatedTestsAction=updateAndLog", "rediscoveryDeletedTestsAction=ignore", "rediscoveryFrequency=7200" 
  • As a superuser, represent user 'kaseya' then enable rediscovery for all devices in her department
device.update "devicename=*", "rediscoveryEnabled=true", "rediscoveryNewTestsAction=ignore", "rediscoveryUpdatedTestsAction=updateAndLog", "rediscoveryDeletedTestsAction=ignore", "rediscoveryFrequency=7200", "userName=kaseya"



All versions of Traverse.




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