Traverse: Troubleshooting Network Configuration Manager (NCM)


Unable to back-up a device in the Network Configuration Manager (NCM)


This KB will assist you in enabling scratch logging to assist in troubleshooting NCM back-up issues, e.g. Back-ups failing.

Please follow the outlined steps and attach the output to the support ticket.

  1.  Login to the Web Application as a Superuser or Administrator.

  2.  Navigate to CONFIG MGMT > SETTINGS > Adapter Logging.adapter_loging2.JPG
  3. Tick the check boxes for "Log both DEBUG and FATAL messages" and  "Enable logging of adapter operations to a file".adapter_loging.JPG

  4. Please re-attempt the back-up, it should fail. 

  5.  Please navigate DGE/DGEx that is monitoring the device and under <Traverse_Home>\apps\netconf\osgi-config\scratch\logs.

  6. Please attach the scratch logs to your support ticket for review. 

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