Tip: Create an Action Profile via the BVE API


How to create an Action Profile via the BVE API.



First, create a file containing the BVE API command with all the necessary parameters, and copy this file to a convenient location on the Traverse BVE server (e.g. the installation folder):

action.create "actionname=Sample Action", "description=Apply this action profile to one or more tests to receive notification", "method1=email", "method2=email", "notifyafter1=1c", "notifyafter2=60m", "notifyon1=ok,warning,critical", "notifyon2=critical", "recipient1=Administrator@SJO-TRAVERSE01", "recipient2=it_admin@your.company.com", "repeat1=0c", "repeat2=0c", "schedulename1=Default Schedule", "schedulename2=Default Schedule"


Next invoke the 'bveCLI' tool with the credentials of a user in the department in which the Action Profile is to be used:

cd TRAVERSE_HOME   # Substitute the actual installation folder
utils/bveCLI.pl --host traverse.acme.com --username bob --password traverse --input create_action.txt


where 'TRAVERSE_HOME\create_action.txt;' contains the command.



All versions of Traverse.




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