How do I monitor the expiration of SSL certificates?


You wish to have advance warning when your SSL certificates are about to expire.


On the BVE server:

  • Unzip the attached file to <traverse_Home> /plugin/monitors
  • Once unzipped the below files should be located at: 
    • /plugin/monitors/ssl_cert_check.xml
    • /plugin/monitors/ssl_cert_check/
  • cd <traverse_home>plugin/monitors/ssl_cert_check
  • chmod 755 (only for GNU/Linux environment)
  • To test it, you can run
    • <traverse_home>/plugin/monitors/ssl_cert_check/ --host --port 443
  • From 'Superuser -> Health', select the icon in the Action column for the BVE and the appropriate DGE, then 'Reload Config Files' from the menu


  • Provision a new test (Create New Standard Tests) on a web server device using the monitor type 'ssl_cert_check'



  • The test will return the number of days to expiration of the SSL certificate installed on the device.



Windows DGE/x

if you are running Windows, you will required and extra step for this to run:



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