How do I monitor Network Drives under Windows


How to monitor Network Drives under Windows using Traverse.



Out of the box, Traverse will ignore network attached file systems for Windows hosts.

In order to add this monitoring capability to Traverse:

  • Save the 99_wmi_netdrive.xml file to the <TRAVERSE_HOME>\plugin\monitors directory on the BVE server
  • Log in as superuser/admin level user
  • Navigate to the SUPERUSER > HEALTH page
  • Left-click on the gear icon and select 'Reload config files' for each server entry

Additionally, Traverse will also not provision a Mounted filesystem (Such as d:\database, etc) for monitoring. To enable monitoring of mounted file systems as well, utilize the 99_wmi_mountpoint.xml file. Installation is the same as the 99_wmi_netdrive.xml file.

Once this has been done, Traverse will present the network drives for space monitoring, just as if they were a local drive.

*UPDATE* 01/08/2016

It was discovered that the previously supplied 99_wmi_mountpoint.xml would have been unable to discover the maximum value correctly. If the tests were discovered without updating the maximum value, the test results would have led to 'unknown' severities. This was due to the fact that the \Win32_Volume class does not contain the method 'Size'. This class uses the 'Capacity' method instead to report the total size. The attachment has been updated to reflect this.



All versions of Traverse.





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