Traverse: Frequent 'DGE Communication Lost' events/alerts

Frequent 'DGE Communication Lost' events/alerts are received

Clock offset between DGE/DGE Extension and BVE

An offset between the clock on a DGE/DGE extension with the clock on the BVE can lead to spurious 'DGE Communication Lost' events and optionally email alerts.  To determine if this is the case, as a 'superuser' navigate to 'Superuser->Health' and review the 'Time Offset' column for the DGE or DGE extension.  The value is expressed as hours:minutes (or hours:minutes:seconds in 9.5 or greater), so +00:01 means 1 minute ahead of the BVE clock.

If there is an offset, it should be corrected by ensuring that the clocks on both the BVE and DGE/DGEx are synchronized with accurate sources to achieve zero offset.

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