Discovering Windows services that are set to Manual or are currently Stopped


How to discover tests for Windows Services that are not set to startup automatically?



By default, Traverse will only discover Windows services that are running at the time of test discovery and the service Startup Type is Auto. Occasionally though, you may want to discover/provision Windows services that are running but the Startup Type is manual. Or, the service may be stopped at the time the discovery is running.

The attached files, to be put under <TRAVERSE_HOME>\plugin\monitors on the BVE will enable you to discover/provision such services as described here

Bear in mind though that you may have a large number of services now that are discovered - but are always Critical because they are either not running, or, they were running at the time of discovery - but since they are Manual - on a server reboot they may have stopped running. If possible, deploy these signatures when discovering tests on specific Windows servers and remove the files from <TRAVERSE_HOME>\plugin\monitors when done.



All versions of Traverse.





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