How to list device license category?


How do I list the device license category? or

How do I identify the devices that are deployed and using the "Application Servers" licenses?



The following must be implemented on the Traverse BVE server:

From the traverse Service Controller, please ensure that the BVE API component is running.

Create the file licensecategory.txt in <TRAVERSE_HOME>\utils with the content:

device.list "showLicenseCategory=true"

Next, from a DOS command prompt, started using 'Run as Administrator'

  cd utils
  ..\..\ --host localhost --port 7661 --username <username> --password <password> --input licensecategory.txt --output licensecategory.out --fields devicename,address,licensecategory,accountname --format csv

where <username> is an account (such as the superuser account) and <password> is the password for the account

The file <TRAVERSE_HOME>\utils\licensecategory.out contains the devices and their license category.

One may now load this in an editor or Excel and group/sort/count as needed.



All versions of Traverse


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