How Do I Install A New License Key?


How Do I Install A New License Key?



The Traverse license key is provided as a single file in XML format. To install a new license key:


  • Save a copy of  TRAVERSE_HOME/etc/licenseKey.xml from the BVE server prior to replacing the file with the new license key file, where TRAVERSE_HOME is the top level directory where Traverse is installed. Typically this will be /usr/local/traverse on Linux/Solaris or C:\Program Files (x86)\Traverse on Windows.
  • Do not make any modifications to the license key file as it will invalidate the key.
  • Log into the traverse web application as the superuser account
  • Navigate to 'Superuser-> Health' page and confirm in the 'remarks' column that the configuration has just been updated on the BVE server.  If necessary, wait a minute or so for the file to be synchronized with the remote DGE or DGEx, then refresh the page.
  • Navigate to 'Superuser->Health' then left click on the gear icon for the BVE and select 'Reload Config Files'




All versions of Traverse.




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