How Can I Discover/Monitor Multilink/EtherChannel/Tunnel/VLAN Interfaces?


How Can I Discover/Monitor Multilink/EtherChannel/Tunnel/VLAN/'other'/(type '1')/voice Interfaces?


When you perform (SNMP) test discovery against a router/switch, Traverse uses it's extensive library of Device Signatures to identify the type of device and automatically locate key availability and performance metrics. For a router/switch, this includes traffic volume, bandwidth utilization, packets transmitted, etc metrics for each interface. The default signature ignores certain types of interfaces - including voice, Multilink, EtherChannel, GRE Tunnel, VLAN, 'other' (type '1') and interface descriptions containing the string "manage", "dialer", " or "cellular".

If you would like to include any/all of these interfaces included in the test discovery, download the corresponding Device Signature file to your Traverse BVE server and place it under TRAVERSE_HOME/plugin/monitors directory. Substitute TRAVERSE_HOME with appropriate Traverse installation directory - On Windows this is typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Traverse while on Linux/Solaris this is /usr/local/travere. 

Next follow the instructions for deployment.

Now when you perform SNMP test discovery via Administration -> Devices -> Tests (for a suitable device) -> Create New Standard Tests, additional tests for the selected interface types will be included.




 *Note - Updated 50_rfc2863_vlan.xml file to include port types 53, 135, 136, 137. Updated file is below.

 *Note - At this time the signature for voice interfaces only includes the interface status metric (ifOperStatus).

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    Rob Arends

    Would this also work for "Stack*" interfaces on Cisco 3750/2960 switches.

    It is important to see each interface is up. It is possible to have functioning switch stack, but have one Stack link down.  This means the ring is not redundant any more.

    Often it just means reseating the cable or tightening the screws.

    Could you update the ticket with a 50_rfc2863_stack.xml


    Thanks, Rob.

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    Jason Keller

    How can we monitor these special interface tests if we are using the cloud based BVE?  Thank you.

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