How Can I Discover/Monitor Multilink/EtherChannel/Tunnel/VLAN Interfaces?


How Can I Discover/Monitor Multilink/EtherChannel/Tunnel/VLAN/'other'/(type '1')/voice Interfaces?


When you perform (SNMP) test discovery against a router/switch, Traverse uses its extensive library of Device Signatures to identify the type of device and automatically locate key availability and performance metrics. For a router/switch, this includes traffic volume, bandwidth utilization, packets transmitted, etc metrics for each interface. The default signature ignores certain types of interfaces - including voice, Multilink, EtherChannel, GRE Tunnel, VLAN, 'other' (type '1') and interface descriptions containing the string "manage", "dialer", " or "cellular".

If you would like to include any/all of these interfaces included in the test discovery, download the corresponding Device Signature file to your Traverse BVE server and place it under TRAVERSE_HOME/plugin/monitors directory. Substitute TRAVERSE_HOME with appropriate Traverse installation directory - On Windows this is typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Traverse while on Linux/Solaris this is /usr/local/traverse. 

Next follow the instructions for deployment.

Now when you perform SNMP test discovery via Administration -> Devices -> Tests (for a suitable device) -> Create New Standard Tests, additional tests for the selected interface types will be included.

 *Note - Updated 50_rfc2863_vlan.xml file to include port types 53, 135, 136, 137. Updated file is below.

 *Note - At this time the signature for voice interfaces only includes the interface status metric (ifOperStatus).



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