How Can I Clear/Reset All Configuration Data?


How Can I Clear/Reset All Configuration Data?



Should you wish to reset all configuration data in Traverse and start with a fresh installation, you can replace the provisioning database with a clean copy with no devices/tests provisioned:

Log into the Traverse server as “administrator” (Windows), "root" (Linux) or another user with equivalent administrative privileges.
Shut down Traverse components. On Windows, this can be accomplished using Start -> Programs -> Zyrion Traverse -> Stop Zyrion Traverse. On Linux use "etc/traverse.init stop". If Traverse is installed in a distributed configuration (multiple DGEs), stop Traverse components on the DGE servers first and finally on the BVE.
Move or delete database/provisioning and database/provisioningdict folders under Traverse installation directory.
Copy the database/fresh/provisioning and database/fresh/provisioningdict folders into database/ to replace the items removed in step 3.
Start Traverse Components and log into the Web Application using default login credentials.
Example session showing reset of provisioning database (substitute correct installation path as appropriate):

cd "\Program Files (x86)\Traverse"
rd /s database\provisioning*
xcopy /e database\fresh\provisioning* database\

cd /usr/local/traverse
rm -fr database/provisioning*
cp -r database/fresh/provisioning* database/

Note that the historical performance and event information recorded in the DGE database will be purged automatically when the Data Gathering Engine component is started. Also, the default/fresh configuration data only has a DGE named "localhost" defined. Therefore in a multi DGE environment, you will need to re-create the location and DGE via the Web Application after logged in as superuser.


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