Can I Install Traverse On A VMware Server?


Can I Install Traverse On A Vmware Server?



Traverse is fully supported on virtualized environments, including VMware ESX 3.5, VMware vSphere 4.x and Microsoft Hyper-V. Virtualization can provide an extra layer of redundancy for the BVE/DGE via vMotion and facilitate upgrades. It is also possible to run certain components on physical server (eg. BVE or a central DGE) while others as VM (eg. DGE Extension).

The virtual server (VM) must still meet the same minimum requirements for a physical server (please refer to the hardware requirements section in Traverse User's Guide). The primary concern with a virtual server is with the I/O performance bottleneck that can stem from multiple layers of operating system and device drivers between the host and guest operating system. In order to ensure optimal performance of Traverse components as well as a consistent end-user experience, we strongly recommend typically recommend the use of SAN storage connected over high speed (Gigabit or 10G) network.



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