Report for number of machines with installs




How to create a report for the number of machines with applications installs



When needing a report that shows the number of machines with anything installed you can follow these steps with appropriate modifications. 

1- Info Center > Report Parts will give you a preview of datasets that can be used in reports and their returning values. Looking at KES machine status you can see that it will return Install Status. Notice the values in the description as these will be used to filter later. Go to New and create a table.



2- When selecting column you will use Machine ID as it is a unique identifier. Under Alias, rename the column "Total Count" for the value that will be returned. For Aggregate you can will the COUNT operation to obtain a total.


3- In order to return only machines with AVG installed, an advanced filter will be used to return machines with install status of value 1. The install values were seen in the description area of the Report Part area of the VSA.



4- You have just created a report part; be advised that a report part is not a report. In order to use the report part just created you must go to Info Center > Reports and create a new report. Under Report Parts in the New Report Wizard you will find the report part created above.



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