New "Execute Deploy Live Connect" Agent Procedure added to ITSDK


Can I deploy Live Connect using a Agent Procedure?



The sample procedure  now includes a new agent procedure called "Execute Deploy Live Connect".  This procedure will deploy or update the Live Connect agent-side files so the admin or technician doesn't not have to wait for the deployment during a connection attempt.

Periodically, Kaseya development releases new components to improve Kaseya Live Connect.  As required these  hotfixes are deployed to the VSA server during maintenance.  When this occurs, it will be required for each endpoint to download up to 15mb of components before a Kaseya Live Connect remote control session will be successful.  This download time can appear to the end user as slow server performance.  The idea of this procedure is to pre-load these updates before a user actually needs to take remote control of a machine using the KLC features.

This procedure will be available to any new tenants provisioned from this point.  If you are a customer prior to this content release, you can either download the xml to import OR contact customer support to "Reload Content".  Reloading the content will update the share permissions for sample script folders and make this new script visible and available for use.

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