What is a Template Agent and why would I use one?

What is a Template Agent and why would I use one?

A Kaseya agent is installed on a machine using the agent installer, typically called KcsSetup.exe (on Windows).
When this setup runs, it just uses a set of default settings - the agent will typically check in to the "unnamed.root" group and will have a couple of default procedures scheduled, such as the audit.

In some cases, you would like the agent to check in with certain settings predefined - the group that the agent will check in to, or the default procedures that it will run.

This is where templates come in.

1. Go to the Agent tab -> Create page
2. Type a name for the agent and select the group that you want to create it in.
NB. The normal behaviour is to create a group called "Templates" and create the templates in there.
3. Click Create

This will create a Template Account. This creates an agent in the database that you can apply settings to, but it is not associated with a real machine, it is just a placeholder.

Now that you have this, you can configure it just like a real agent, you can schedule procedures against it, change the menu settings, the check-in address and so on.

You can have as many templates as you wish, a server template, a laptop template and so on, even different templates for each customer/machine group.

The next step is to create an agent install package based on this template. Click here - https://kaseya.zendesk.com/entries/104709363-How-can-I-make-a-custom-installer-to-automatically-apply-default-settings-- for instructions on this part of the process






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