9.4 Schema installation fails on non-English locals (OS/SQL language)


If you install Kaseya 9.4 anew or upgrade to this latest version, the database configuration ('reapply schema) might fail reporting 'invalid date format'  in the respective language the OS is installed in. Below examples from a French and a German installation:



This is due to the date format SQL server expects, based on the different language selected.



Kaseya uses SQL users to connect to the database. You can find out which users these are by checking the content of the *:\Kaseya\Kserver\kserver.ini against the list of logins in SQL Management Studio.



Edit these relevant logins and set their language as shown below, to English:



 Once the change has been applied, please re-run the 'Reinstall Database Schema' process, either from the Start Menu on the Kaseya application server


or by simply calling this URL in a browser on the server's desktop:

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