"Unable to validate license License file Lc.txt was not created" message when running kinstall.exe

When running KInstall.exe, either to install an update, add a new module or for any other reason, you receive the message

"Unable to validate license License file Lc.txt was not created"

Kinstall is a utility that prepares the server for the actual install of kaseya.
It performs a few tasks
1. Checks itself for updates
2. Checks your license file against the Kaseya License server
3. Checks the server is ready for the install - Available Memory, Disk space, etc
4. Downloads the installers for the VSA and any add one modules
5. Starts the installers one at a time.

The error message is caused by step 2 failing. For some reason, the Kinstall.exe has not been able to retrieve the license file.

Although the cause is known, the reasons could be numerous.
The most common issue is that the kaseya server is behind a firewall / proxy that does not allow direct access to the internet, and therefore access to the Kaseya license server is not possible. To correct this, make the appropriate changes to the firewall / proxy so that the kaseya server is able to reach the internet. The firewall / proxy logs will show the failures and rules can be created to allow these.

Other possibilities include AV blocking access, DNS issues and so on.

Load a web browser, check that you have the proxy settings disabled and try to reach http://vsaupdate.kaseya.net. If a good connection is made, you will see a message "This page intentionally left blank". Anything else means that there is a problem.

Browsing to this URL doesn't mean you have the full access, there could still be a proxy or firewall or content filter blocking something. The only way to make sure this is not the case is by checking proxy/firewall logs and confirming outbound request from kinstall.exe is getting through without any issue 

If none of this has helped, please create a support ticket by visiting https://helpdesk.kaseya.com.
Include a note to say that you have looked at this KB article and include a screenshot of the error that you encounter.



Applies to VSA On-Prem- All Version

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