HTTPS redirect fails when the Kaseya web interface is not running on 443

You have configured your Kaseya server's web interface to run on HTTPS, but not on the standard 443 port.
You have set the "Automatically redirect to https at logon page (except when accessing via localhost)." setting on the System Tab -> Configure page.
When you visit the site on HTTP, the redirect causes the page to refresh endlessly.

The redirect option changes protocol from HTTP address to HTTPS in the URL when this value is set.
If the web server is not available on the standard 443 port, then the redirect will fail, and the original HTTP page will be loaded. This will then trigger the redirect again, and you end up in an infinite loop

a) configure the Kaseya server web interface to run on the standard 443.
b) disable the redirect on the System tab -> Configure page

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