How can I make a custom installer to automatically apply default settings?

How can I make a custom installer to automatically apply default settings?

Before reading this article - take a minute to read this - This article explains how to create a template package and may be useful.

Kaseya allows you to create a custom installer. During this process you can tell the agent installer to copy the settings from an existing agent. This means that if you have an agent already configured just the way that you would like, maybe a server for a particular customer, where you have configured certain monitor sets, procedure schedules and so on, you can create an installer which will copy those settings from the existing server account to the new account.

This avoids the need to repeat these processes each time you install a new agent.

To configure this,
1. Go to the Agent Tab -> Deploy Agents page
2. click the Create Package button.
3. Follow the wizard until you get to Step4
4. On step 4, you can pick an existing agent to copy the settings from.
NB: If you have decided to base this on a template, the process is exactly the same, but you would select the template rather than a "real" agent
5. Continue through the wizard to the end

Once this s complete, you will see a new agent install package on the Page.
From here, you can download that installer and deploy as normal.
The difference is that this time, when the agent is installed, it will already have the settings of the agent that it was copied from.

There is more that you can do with this process - you can configure the default machine group, specify install location of the agent and other settings - these are all in the "Switch Definition" link on Step 3

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