What ports does Kaseya use?

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What ports does Kaseya use?



For the purpose of this article, there are 2 types of port - data and web.
Data is the port that the agents will speak to the server over, and web is the port that users will access the kaseya web interface on.

Both these ports are configurable - 

The data port can be set during the install, or afterwards on the system tab -> configure page. Normally there is no need to change this value, but the default is TCPport 5721. SQL uses port 1433 by default.

The web port is set in IIS Manager, again there is not normally a need to change this, but the default is TCP port 80 (HTTP). If you are using SSL to access the kaseya web interface, then this will be TCP port 443 (HTTPS).

The agent will only communicate outbound from the client to the server on the data port,there is no need to open inbound ports at the client side. 

The server will be listening for agents on the data port, and for admins on the web port. So the server will need both these ports open inbound.

The admins will be accessing the web interface via their web browsers, so they will need to be able to make outbound connections on the web port.

If you are using K2,and use the KLC (Kaseya Live Connect) feature, you will also need UDP Port 5721open as the KLC connections use the UDP protocol in addition to the TCP protocol that the agents use.









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