How To Disable KAV Network Driver If Experiencing VPN Incompatibilities


VPN's do not work while KAV is installed on an endpoint and/or KAV causes BSOD's on an endpoint.


Disable the network driver. Usually, the incompatibility with VPN's stems from Kaspersky's network driver. To disable this driver, please follow the steps below:

  1. Disable Self-Defense on the endpoint:
  2. Note: If you cannot interact with the KAV GUI while remoted onto the endpoint, please refer to the following KB on how to resolve this issue within Kaseya:
  3. Once self-defense is disabled, run the attached registry file (disable_network.reg) on the endpoint. This will disable the network driver upon a reboot.
  4. Reboot the endpoint. 


If the issue persists, please contact Kaseya Support and provide them the following information:

  • A GSI Report:
  • Process Monitor Logs:
  • Application Trace Files:
  • A Memory Dump:


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