Why does the Windows Security Center (WSC) Reported Product Name report a different name on machines?


Why does the Windows Security Center (WSC) Reported Product Name report a different name on machines with Kaseya Antivirus installed?


On the 'AntiVirus > Machines' page you will notice some machines will report 'Kaseya AntiVirus' while some other machines will report 'Kaspersky Endpoint Protection 10' as the WSC Reported Product Name. 

For Windows machines, the WSC product name is picked up as per the Antivirus registration in Action Center. You can verify this by opening up action center on the endpoint and checking what Antivirus is reported there (sample screenshot below):


 If the action center does report differently, you can run a Baseline Audit from Kaseya ('Audit > Run Audit' page) to reflect the change.

For Windows servers that are not displaying the WSC Reported Product Name, Windows Security Center needs to be manually enabled. Unless it is enabled manually from the server, VSA will not pick up this information.

- Go over Domain policies and verify that they will let you see the AV in the action center? (sample server screenshot below):



KAV 10, VSA 6.5, VSA 7.0, R8 r9.x


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