Kaspersky Endpoint Security related BSOD issue with Windows Update (KB3013769)

Microsoft released an optional update (KB3013769) on December 10th. The installation of this MS update is causing some crashes (BSOD) on Windows 8.1 machines that have Kaspersky products installed. Customers are being advised at this time, not to install (KB3013769).

Kaspersky is working in cooperation with Microsoft specialists on this issue as a top priority, to develop a fix that will automatically address this issue.

This fix, once available, will only work if the Kaspersky product was installed before applying the MS update (KB3013769). Please also note that the BSOD issue could still occur if the Kaspersky product is installed on win8.1x86 + KB3013769. In this case, customers are advised to roll back the MS update (KB3013769) before installing the Kaspersky product, then install the product and perform the update task. Customers can then successfully install KB3013769.

We will update you as more information becomes available.

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