KAV 9.3: Cannot Install KAV Due to Error "Could not add job to scheduler: Agent has not been provisioned yet."


Cannot install KAV in the new Antivirus module due to the error "Could not add job to scheduler: Agent has not been provisioned yet. Could not get EndpointId with given assetId (<id>)."



There are several ways this error can occur. However, the issue is cause by agent endpoint data in the database not matching the data in the agent side.



The first thing to check is to see if the secondary KServer address configured on the agent can reach the KServer. To resolve this:

  1. Navigate to Agent > Agents > Manage Agents.
  2. Click on the down arror next to a column, go to the Columns drop down and click the checkbox "Secondary KServer."
  3. Make sure you can ping the secondary KServer IP address from the agent.
  4. If this fails, set secondary kserver address to be same as the primary, delete the C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaseya\serverGUID\Endpoint\Provisioning.xml file, then restart the Kaseya Agent Endpoint service.

After performing this step, please try to install KAV again. If the install continues to fail with the same error, please perform the following:

  1. Navigate to the Agent Procedures > Manage Procedures > Schedule / Create.
  2. Select a folder you want to import the agent procedure to and click the Import Folder/Procedure button.
  3. Upload the attached agent procedure to the "Upload an XML file for Import:" section and click Save.
  4. Run the Clean - Cycle Endpoint Service agent procedure on the agent with the error.

After the agent procedure runs, please schedule the KAV install again. If the same error appears again, please submit a Support ticket referencing that you have already performed the steps in this article.

We recently updated the attached procedure. Please update this procedure in your VSA and delete the original Cycle Endpoint Service agent Procedure.

***IMPORTANT*** - this solution should ONLY be used to address the specific error mentioned above.

Applies To

Kaseya 9.3


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