Automate the KAV/KAM MSQ Purge and Database Clean Up

Note: In order for this procedure to work the following needs to be confirmed:

1) An agent must be installed on the front-end kserver.

2) The following program will be installed on the kserver:

Note: This program is extremely safe and trusted.


Step 0 - Unzip the attached zip file.

Step 1 - Upload the following 3 files located in the attached zip to the following locations on the Kserver:

delete_kam_kav_unprocessed_tables.xml -> <kaseya installation directory>\xml\Procedures\AgentProcSQL\0\SQLWrite

Pscx-3.2.0.msi -> <kaseya installation directory>\WebPages\ManagedFiles\VSASharedFiles

purge_kam_kav_queue.ps1 -> <kaseya installation directory>\WebPages\ManagedFiles\VSASharedFiles

Step 2 - Navigate to Agent Procedure > Manage Procedures > Schedule/Create. Select the folder you wish to import the attached procedure xml (procedure folder purge kav-kam msq.xml) to and then click the "Import Folder/Procedure" Button:




Step 3 - Navigate to and open the Purge KAV-KAM MSQ and confirm all files as per the screenshot below are present:


Step 4 - Select the "0- RUN THIS" procedure, select the kserver's agent and run/schedule the procedure:



This will schedule the following procedures in the proper order:



Final Note: If this procedure fails or does not do what it's supposed to, that is likely a problem on the endpoint because this has been tested in our environments without issue. Please note we do not normally make custom scripts. THIS IS A SCRIPT AS-IS.



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