VSA Database Definition Date Does Not Match Endpoint And Reports Out-Of-Date Definitions

VSA database definition date for KAV does not match endpoint and reports out-of-date definitions

There is a background task that runs periodically to keep the endpoint definition date in sync with the date in the VSA interface. Sometimes this can either skip a cycle or stop completely.
When this happens, the syncronisation will stop and the VSA interface will incorrectly report the definition date.

This issue is being investgated by the engineering team, but in the meantime, if you have a machine in this state, you can trigger an immediate check by doing the following

1. Go to the Anti-Virus Tab -> Machines page
2. Select the machines that are in a problem state
3. Click the "Protection" button at the top of the page
4. Click the "Get Status" option
This will trigger the sync on the machine

PROTECT-229 / #81786

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