Does temporarily disabling KAV disable updates and scans?


Does temporarily disabling KAV disable updates and scans?


On the endpoint:

If you have disabled KAV from endpoint by right clicking the kaspersky icon and "pausing protection and control" 

In the VSA:

From kaseya vsa>machines>"temporarily disable antivirus",this will mean you have disabled all protection and control components of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for a certain time.


Pausing or resuming computer protection and control does not affect scan or update tasks.

If any network connections are already established when you pause or resume computer protection and control, a notification about the termination of these network connections is displayed.

Reference: Below is a screenshot of Kaspersky help file 



Further details can be found in this Kaspersky article:

Applies to:

KAV 1.4 and above with Kaspersky Endpoint Security v10

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