Does Kaspersky detect all kinds of Cryptolocker Viruses (KAV)



Does Kaspersky detect all kinds of Cryptolocker Viruses



Kaspersky has a family of verdicts tied to different ransom-ware viruses, including ones known as cryptowall, cryptolocker and etc. They are being added constantly, including the specified time frame. Unfortunately, it is impossible to be sure 100% if Kaspersky detects any specific malware without of the sample file and basing our judgment only on the given name of the virus. If you are able to provide the sample, please create a ticket with Kaseya support and feel free to do so in a password protected archive so they may address it with Kaspersky. As a reminder, regular data backups to network unavailable storages (available only for a scheduled backup session for instance) is important since ransom-ware viruses are becoming more and more popular with evil-doers and newer versions are bound to continue appearing.

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