KAV Best Practices for Changing the Default Kaspersky password


When KAV (Kaspersky) is first deployed to an endpoint the Kaspersky UI is automatically set with a default password. If an end user tries to change certain settings on the Kaspersky UI or uninstall Kaspersky, the end user will be prompted to enter the password.



As a best practice it is recommended to change the default password to a custom password to avoid end users from uninstalling Kaspersky or changing the settings locally. A custom password can only be applied during the installation process of KAV using the VSA. 

To do this, prior to installing Kaspersky, navigate to the Kaseya Anti Virus tab > Machines page. In here select "install" > "Install or Upgrade Anti Virus". This will open the window shown below. 

In here select the "Advance Options" and enter a custom password as shown below. The password entered will then appear in the on the right pane after Kaspersky is successfully installed.




Further information is can be found in the link below


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