KAV: Kaspersky Endpoint Protection v10 blocks VPN access on Windows Server Operating System that hosts VPN role


VPN's do not work while KAV is installed on Windows Server operating system that host RRAS (Routing and Remote Access) role


There are two possible approaches to resolve this problem: -

1) Install attached KAV 10 patch on Windows Server (There is no notification that it has been completed, then reboot)

Patch_pf401.zip : For Windows Server 2012 (For all Server Editions)

Patch_pf343.zip : For Windows Server 2008 and SBS 2011

2) Test VPN access

Note :- Above patch works most of the times. In case it doesn't work please try the below workaround


Kaspersky network drivers on Windows server operating system cause this issue. Since network drivers are not used by "File Anti-virus" component it can be disabled. It is the most reliable and simple way to fix all compatibility problems :- 

To disable KES network drivers :-

1) Disable KES self-protection

2) Run reg-file (download link below) and confirm changes to registry

3) Enable KES self-protection

4) Reboot machine

 5) Test VPN access


Applies to

KAV 10 installed on Windows Server Operating System with Routing and Remote Access role


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