Classic KAV & LAN Cache Usage


How does KAV w/ Kaspersky work w/ LAN Cache for definition file updates?


These modules do support LAN Cache integration. You will want to note the following as such:

  • You must have Kaspersky installed on the LAN Cache. If not – the machines assigned to it will not be able to update definitions from it.
  • It is not necessary to assign the LAN Cache host to itself (it is supported, but why do it in the first place since it is the same machine?). 
  • The definitions must be first updated on the LAN Cache before assigned machines can be updated from it. As such, update the Kaspersky LAN Cache host machine at a more rapid pace than the others to ensure the LAN Cache is used. If this does not happen, then the assigned client agent machines will pull updates down from the Kaspersky internet repositories.
  • The definitions are exported on the LAN Cache to a special folder that is a share on the LAN Cache host machine ([AgentWorkingDirectory]\kav\updater - separate from the LAN Cache defined share). This is seen as\\[lanCacheMachine]\KAVUpdater.
  • After any change to LAN Cache, you need to go back to KAV and reassign the profile to any impacted endpoint if you want Kaspersky to use it for definitions updates.
  • As noted earlier, to reiterate, anytime that the LAN Cache host machine does not have updated definitions or cannot communicate with the assigned client agents, the client LAN Cache assigned machines will fallback to pulling down the definition updates from the Kaspersky internet repositories.


KAV v1.4
VSA v6.3 and later

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