How do I configure Lan Cache as the Virus Definitions source in KAV?


How do I use Lan Cache as the Virus Definitions source in KAV?


Lan Cache must be configured for both the server hosting the Lan Cache share (Source) and the endpoint that will use the Lan Cache as the source (Destination).  See for information on configuring the Source, and for information on configuring the Destination.

After Lan Cache is configured for both the Source and the Destination, a KAV profile must be assigned to both the Source and the Destination.  This can be a reapply of the profile currently assigned or a new profile.  Additionally, KAV must be installed to the Source endpoint.  Once the profile has been written, the next time the Source updates definitions, the definition files will be stored in <kworking>\kav\updater\*, and this new folder is shared as the source for definitions for all endpoints assigned to use Source as the Lan Cache source.

Due to security settings used in the Lan Cache process, KAV cannot use the default Lan Cache share, and must create the additional share from <kworking>\kav\updater location.



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