Logging onto multiple private sessions as the same Windows user


  • you are connected to an agent with Kaseya Remote Control (KRC) private session
  • while connected, the same Windows user is logged in again from another KRC private session
  • both sessions are disconnected, and the Windows user session is logged out



  • by design, the Windows user session is automatically logged out when a private session is disconnected
  • when logging in to the 2nd session as the same Windows user, that sessions "takes over" the user session, which causes the original session to be disconnected
  • the disconnection of the original session triggers the user to be logged out of Windows, which in turn causes the 2nd session to be disconnected



  • a Windows user can only be logged on from one session at the same time
  • if multiple Kaseya users want to log on as the same Windows user at the same time, they must use a shared session

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