Poor video performance when connecting to agents with certain graphics adapters


When connecting to certain agents using Kaseya Remote Control (KRC), screen refresh performance is very poor (there may be a lag of several seconds).



A problem has been documented with slow video performance in KRC, affecting agents with certain types of display adapters and the following operating systems: -

Desktops - Windows XP and Windows Vista

Servers - Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 R2

Many, but not all, cases have involved Matrox or VMware display adapters.



VSA 7.0

There are two workarounds available: -

- changing the graphics driver on affected agent machines to use "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" instead of the vendor supplied driver (requires reboot)

- using "legacy" Remote Control (K-VNC) instead of KRC for affected agents



The problem was addressed by this fix: -

Kaseya Remote Control - RC-526 - This fix solves a performance problem with Remote Control on Windows systems using older graphics cards.

The full release notes can be found here - http://help.kaseya.com/WebHelp/EN/RN/index.asp#VSAReleaseNotes.htm


However, a secondary issue has been documented where the solution is not fully deployed to some agents that require it. If the problem described in this article affects agents with v8.0.0.2 or higher, go to Device Manager > Display adapters on the agent machine and check for presence of "Mirage Driver": -



(NB - this driver is only required on the operating systems mentioned at the top of this article)


If the driver is NOT present on an agent with operating system that requires it, proceed as follows to complete the deployment: -


Manual Method

  1. from command shell on the agent machine, navigate to the /drivers/demoforge/ subdirectory of the Kaseya agent installation directory

  2. run the following command: -

on 32-bit OS: -

MirrInst32.exe -i "dfmirage" "Mirage Driver" "068\" "068\dfmirage.inf"

on 64-bit OS: -

MirrInst64.exe -i "dfmirage" "Mirage Driver" "105\" "105\dfmirage.inf"

  1. in VSA, go to Agent > Upgrade Version > Update Agent and schedule agent update with “Force update” option checked


Using agent procedure

  1. download the attached file - Procedure KRC Mirror Driver Install (R8 Only).zip - and extract the XML file

  2. in VSA, go to Agent Procedures > Manage Procedures > Schedule/Create - select a folder

  3. click Import Folder/Procedure button, and select the extracted XML file

  4. schedule the imported procedure to run on the affected agents

  5. go to Agent > Upgrade Version > Update Agent and schedule update, with “Force update” option checked, on all the agents where the procedure has completed


Kaseya VSA (v7.0 and higher)


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